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Let's talk about fees

Like to get value? We do to

At Kee Design we want to give you the best customer service possible by dedicating the time and resources that you require in order to not only meet your expectations but to hopefully surpass them. We really like to get value, therefore, we are very happy to give out value. Without effecting the quality of our service to you, we are intent on making everything we do as affordable as we possibly can. So, how are we able to give you the best value possible? Business overheads are an important part of any business. They need to be paid and to do so, businesses need to cover these costs in the fees that they charge. Therefore, the higher the business overheads, the higher fees. At Kee Design we had considerable business overheads too but following the economic downturn in 2007 we realised that we needed to make some big changes. All unnecessary overheads were cut. We didn't need to have an office situated in an expensive location, in fact we didn't really need a large central office at all. We also realised that our team didn't need to be set up in the traditional fixed employment model. Today the Kee Design team work from synchronised home offices. We work together as a close team but now also have a greater sustainability and flexibility. By implementing this model of working and a host of other smaller changes, we have reduced our business overheads. Lower overheads results in lower fees.

Consumer survey on value - awards Kee Design five stars

Following a consumer survey on prices and value for money from architectural service providers in the greater Dublin Area, Kee Design was awarded 5 stars - best value. Survey was conducted in July 2019.

Fee examples from past projects

A brief snapshot of our fees associated with some past projects. (For confidentiality purposes, stock photographs are used)

Simple, clear to understand fee structure

Every project is unique and will require customised services, so following your free no obligations consultation we provide you with a schedule of fees based on the services that you require. Once again standing out from the norm, we do things differently. We prefer not to calculate fees based on a percentage of the projects unknown final construction cost. We think it is better for everyone to calculate a set fee in advance. This allows us to accurately prepare budgets while also giving you a clear understanding of all costs and is sure to result in considerable savings for you. Clients inform us that they find this very helpful as they are given control of all costs right from the outset.